Hi there intro

Hi just come across this forum and joined! I live in cheshire and have a Mx5 Mk 3 1.8l (2009) which I have owned since 2012 and just love! Not an expert by any means but just love the car and have never had any problems

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Welcome to the club.
When this covid thing is over seek out the CNWOC (Cheshire North Wales Owners Club) as they are a very friendly bunch of MX5 owners.

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Hi there and welcome!

As Dave said, once we are allowed out and life is more normal, you would be more than welcome to pop along and see what we’re all about.
We meet on the second Wednesday of each month at the c ock at Budworth, in Great Budworth :+1:t3:


Thanks both for your welcome. Sounds like a really friendly group :grinning:

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