Just collected a 91 Eunos its in need of a good
clean and a service but seems to be pretty good. It’s not been used in
the last 4 months.
Still should be a good project for me and my 2 sons over the winter :slight_smile:
Will post some pictures when its had a good clean

G’day mate, Welcome to the Forum

Welcome to the land of motoring fun [:D]

Hi Simon,

welcome. I’m in Wiltshire too (with a silver Eunos) so will look out for you and give you a wave if I see you. I guarantee it’ll be one of the most fun cars you’ve ever owned!

 It is up there as one of the most fun cars and only driven it about 30 miles so far. But needs to live up to a string of Alfas and a Subaru Legacy Estate (280bhp twin turbo). It also shares the drive with a little ZZR1400
We are down in Trowbridge