Hidden gem at the rally

This one should have been on the line up with the other cool/hot cars


I was skipping merrily around the car park minding my own business and this caught my eye from afar:


Plodded over to have acloser look as I am thinking of doing similar to my bumper and the owner was in the car reading a paper. I plucked up the courage to accost him and asked about the vents “I need them for the cooling” he says “why, what’s in there?” I ask

Sound of angels chorus as the bonnet is lifted

It’s only a ruddy cozzy!


pushing 300bhp and he was running it originally in 4x4 mode if I understood correctly - A 4X4 MX5!!! Why haven’t we heard of this before?








Post of the week halli [:)]

And , I now have a new smiley in my photobucket account


I’m not sure the guy understood the sheer awesomeness of his car.

 Now that is an interesting mod! - I’d love to see a write up…

 Would be interesting to know if it is 4WD or 2WD. The photos obviously show a standard rear diff but cannot see forward of that.

He said he ran it as a 4WD and it is now a 2WD.

I still think one of these in a MK1 would be fun. (I think it was a Mazda engine in the first place anyway)