High Mileage NC?

I currently have a nice NA, but I want to do some overhaul work on it. I’ll be starting soon but I also know there is a very good chance (because I’m slow and tardy) that I won’t have this done by the time the roads are free of salt.

I’ve decided I’m going to dip my toes in the NC pond. I have always liked the lines and having been out in one I like how they feel to be in too - feel like a much better long road trip car than my fairly focused NA.

How concerned should I be about high milage? Talking 90k+
What would need checking more closely on a car with more miles on it?
What am I likely to need to ‘deal with’ on such a vehicle?

I am looking at the 2.0 sport…

Not sure if this is any help, but we bought our 2006 NC on 60K, in 2009, it’s now approaching 120K
Since then it’s never let us down. Other that normal servicing it’s had a new thermostat, new battery, couple of front calipers and a radiator (own goal)
Still not worried or concerned to take it on a run

Mines a 2006 115 k miles starts starts every time and runs nice even though not used for weeks on end…a bit of bodywork and rust underneath showing its age but that’s age related not mileage related…100k well looked after or 30k abused you will never know take them for a spin and make your own mind up by the feel

If the car has been well looked after and proof of that is available then after a good test drive the only person who can tell you if it’s right is you. Good luck hunting one out.

Had mine nearly two years only done 3000 miles in that time and the cars on 93000. Never misses a beat runs beautifully. Thermostat to change soon as reading low but common problem and not expensive and a squealing belt. Higher mileage has never put me off if service and Mot history is good.

Hi, my 2.0 Sport Tech is coming up to 117k miles. OK, I’ve done a few things to it but not engine wise. Just did all the oils and filter when I got it. Runs so smooth, starts on the button etc. All my mk1’s over the years had way more miles on than this one. Doesn’t bother me at all. However, it has had full Mazda service history up to 98k then me and previous owner maintained. Certainly brings the price down with higher miles.