High mileage

Hi just looking at my first mx5 ,not sure what is classed as high mileage ,and any issues at that occur with high mileage cars.

Condition is everything, mileage is mostly irrelevant on a well looked after car.

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Personally I would not say high mileage is irrelevant. More miles, more wear, more replacements, more expense (potentially). A well looked after car is a must. A good well documented serviced car from an enthusiast is always a bonus. :+1:
In addition it depends on your budget. Soft or hard top. MK1,2,3 or 4. (Alphabetically equivalents of course). If you have a rough idea what MK you want I am sure many people will be able to assist. RUST being one of the main issues to look out for.

Before any comments or recommendations passed on an idea of which model you are interested in would help. Even your budget could determine that too.

Hi possibly looking at the mk 3 ,really like the looks of mk2 but to worried about the rust issues

Mk3s are getting rust issues, so I would suppose a higher mileage car would be more likely to be an older car, and thus needs to be checked for rust. In addition, the MZR engine has a reputation for oil consumption.

Mechanically, the Mk1 and Mk2 are robust, the Mk1 probably a little more, because it is simpler.