Holiday Inn Hotel - SAT NAV post code to use

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The other day I had to drop some of the members tickets off to the Holiday Inn hotel and yes used my SAT NAV for directions just to make sure it worked, okay it didn’t and so this is my recommendation to put the restaurant that is just up the roads SAT NAV in so you actually end up at the correct end of London Road it goes from 1 to 801.

Holiday Inn  post code is TN15 7RS however I recommend using TN15 7RX this is Mings Restaurant just up the road a bit but you will find the hotel just off the motorway not the easiest of entrances to see so go slow and then you will not miss it.

Hope this helps

See you all this weekend, weather looking good fingers crossed


Sarah (Mazda Chick)


From the north/Motorway (M26/J2a) the Holiday Inn is on the A20 (London Road Wrotham Heath) on your LEFT - Entrance is a few meters from the motorway junction roundabout - there is a pull in to improve visablity for those entering and leaving the carpark but sometimes people illegally park in it - there is also a big green Holiday Inn sign.

Approaching from the A20 to the south you PASS to your left the petrol station, Beafeater and Ming (the Ming is set back on the A25 slip) and go straight on staying on the A20 at the traffic lights (A20/A25 junction) - over the brow of the hill get in the right filter lane for the Holiday Inn Entrance - as the Hotel will be on your RIGHT.

Here is the link to the hotel website directions page:- 

See you there Friday evening in the bar


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