Hood covers?

Hood covers.

My car is kept under a large partially enclosed car port through the winter months. . It gets a bit dusty are there any recommendations for a hood cover ? The hood on my old car is in cracking condition and I would like to keep it as good as possible.

What I want to avoid is any clips or fixings that will possibly mark the paint .


I’ve bought from here for my Mk1 and Mk4. Very happy with them

Custom Covers

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Thanks for the link. How is the cover secured ? Does it flap around in the wind ?


It has straps that go around the wing mirrors, straps with a small bolster that shuts under the boot lid (can’t be pulled out because of the bolster), doesn’t let water in! Front has the wipers over it. Mine have never blown off.

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Thanks Jeff :+1::+1:

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+1 for the custom cover I have one on my ND, works well, although I have just needed to waterproof it with some fabsil. If the car is not clean before I put it on, I quickly wipe around the part of the body that the cover Touches (these parts have some additional soft padding) with some waterless cleaner before using it. Be careful with the boot tabs to ensure you place them just right otherwise you can stress the boot lid when closing.

In dry weather peel the cover back…to let it air. It’s easy to put on/take off, I use it pretty much permanently.

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Thanks guys much appreciated. I’ve ordered one of the above recommended covers :+1::+1::+1:

Thanks again .