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Thanks for a nice day. Well done everyone Big Smile 



 Thanks to all Involved was it worth a 4.30 start and a 500 mile round trip???


Oh yes 


and Ive just got in at 7 Pm after all 252 miles of M25 + M1 with the roof down…which more than could be said of some I passed on the way.!!

Spoke to many people today…thanks for showing an interest in the car.


Really looking forward to the National…Track action and show and shine woo hoo.




Yep my first get together and a great day too, spoke to some good people and got a few ideas for my 5, I remember the weather looking a bit brighter though!Big Smile


It was a brilliant day.  The Saturday too, good drives, and good weather.  Met some fantastic people, thanks must go to Rick and Julie for helping us out so much, and had a brilliant weekend. Good work guys!

 Thanks for a great day and good to catch up with everyone we haven`t seen in a long while

Will try to get to some more meets

Andy & Linda