Hoping to buy my first car (likely an NC) by end of year!

I think you might regret getting rid of that
when I think of the cars Ive had and got rid of Ferrari 246 dino spyder , 12 cooper’ s thats original ones,
E type ,TR5/6 mk1 lotus cortina, RS 3100 capri, RS2000 , Elan Sprint ,Caterham and many more but those are the ones I really regret

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Excuse me for taking the thread off topic, but how are you finding that?
Me and the Mrs are thinking of replacing a NISMO RS which we’ve had since pre reg (early '18) and that Swift Sport is on the radar. I know they’ve discontinued it (of sorts), as the new facelift is out, and any Sport version of that would be at a later date (and I don’t like the new facelift anyway), but there’s quite a few year or so old ones, 8 or so K miles , £16,000 ish ones around, and like you said, an up to 7 year warranty if you service it with them.
I had an '08 plate Sport before my ND and me and the Mrs have had 3 other Suzukis over the years too, and touch wood never really gave too many issues.

That’s OK, happy to share.
Ours is coming up for it’s first year ownership & service. Due to weather mostly, it’s only just covered over 2,000 miles.
Good points:
1)Very spirited punch from the turbo’d petrol1400cc /hybrid 48 volt assistor. It will NOT run on battery alone…the leccy bit was a fuddle to get it through EU nonsense. But it works. It’s great for lugging around town with hardly any petrol.

2)Mid range urge from turbo sees it rocket to 90 MPH in 3rd in a heartbeat…if so minded.

  1. Cruising on motorway = a lowly 2,500RPM in 6th…no need to drop a gear to clear HGVs the little turbo is sleeping still…but a poke in the loud department wakes it right away…no lag…Job done. Hills etc mean nothing…inclines do not bother it. Little whiff of throttle… big gob of mid range torque…job done.

  2. Average fule over the year for us was 38 MPG of Chanel No 5…but yesterday saw a days’s average of 46 with a trip to the NE and back ( to Falkirk) and I was not hanging around.

  3. Brakes are epic. Light and very effective. If anything, a bit over servo’d. That’s it.

  4. Road holding and general manners/mechanical grip etc is more than a match for any standard 5…talk about “planted”.

  5. Interior fit and finish sort of NC3 quality but a bit Airfix in places.

  6. Robust leccy everything…it’s Suzuki!

  7. Seating very good…easy to get comfy. Steering is fully adjustable…In-oot and roondaboot!

  8. All windows leccy

  9. AC very effective…freeze yer nuts off if that turns you on.

  10. Engine very rev happy and refined…typical Japanese bike heritage?
    You need to keep an eye on speedo though dead easy to do 70 when you are…(cough) doing 90!

Not so clever.

  1. Too many silly wee dash toys
  2. Road noise from 16"…but the Club put tha down to tyres. Not always…just on motorways with certain surfaces.
  3. No Old School ICE…but easily linked to IPhone.
  4. Small boot, but back seats fold quickly.
  5. Silly horn…sounds like a mouse fart.
  6. Engine is said to work much better on dearer 5 than 10…I’d not know…only used 5 anyhow.
  7. Paint seems delicate…but that’s water based paint like the rest.
  8. You canny fiddle around under the bonnet…there’s nothing for you to do bar fill washer and check oil if you must…but they just dont burn the stuff ( 0-20) by the way

All in all, it’s a staggering well engineered wee weapon that covers ground like nothing I’ve had before. You just know its going to start every day and not let you down. We like it’s cheeky design too. Dont like the new 2024 one …but they may…just may…do a “Sport” tart up with a mapped up 1200cc engine but it looks like we got possibly the last of the gutsy 1400cc. I’d recommend getting a dealer backed low miles one so get the warranty for a start. And…by the way…get the chassis rot proofed. :wink:

And…ye canny drop the roof.!


Thanks, great write up.
Your ‘not so cleaver list’ is even ‘good’ for me. I use RON99 in each car in the household. Boot’s no issue. I don’t even turn a phone on in a car, so old school info fine. Paint, I’ve had a Suzuki before, so I get you on that one.

The positives sound great!

Thanks agan,

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It is interesting that you choose use 99 fuel in all your cars that do not ‘need’ it but also chose to question others that rust proof their cars or use water proofer on their soft tops on their cars that also do not ‘need’ it.

Two of them do actually :slight_smile:

I don’t really question them, more a case of to each their own. My ask in the rust proofing question was would I need to do that if I don’t drive in the rain/salt and even my soft top don’t get wet.