David and Cath invite you to join them on the first drive of the year. 

Meeting at 10.00 am McDonald’s by Markeaton island (DE22 4AA) A52/A38 to leave at 10.30am We should arrive at Hopton hall just after 11.00 am were we will be parked together. The entrance cost £5 per person which includes a walk around the Snowdrops and hall gardens.  There is a tea room for refreshments and we advise you to wear outdoor shoes. 

We will be leaving at 1.00 pm  for the second half of the drive to the Royal Oak Pub in Mayfield  DE6 2BN for a Carvery Lunch £10 


Please add your names to the thread below. 

We look forward to you joining us.

David and Cath 



Hi David & Cath.

We would love to join you.

Dennis & Lisa.

Hello David & Cath

Please add Reg and Lynn for this outing.

Hi please add Andy & Katy to this run 


Thanks Andy 


Sorry forgot to ask do we need to book for the carvery or do we just turn up.


Thanks Andy

Good morning David and Cath,

We would love to join you on the Snowdrop run.

Many thanks.

Christine and Hedley.


We would love to join you.

Karen and Paul B x

Hi Dave and Cath


Thanks for organising this run at extremely short notice, it is appreciated.

Can you add Michele and I to the list please.






Please add John and Jan to the list for this drive please.


Jan x

Hi David & Cath
Please had me and Ann for the Drive and Carvery
David M

Hi David & Cath,

We would like to join you. Our MX51 OWL is still in bed for

the winter but will come in our other car, if that’s OK.

Kind regards,

Anthony and Carol. 

Hi David & Cath

We would like to join you for the run and carvery.

Thanks and regards

Graeme & Christine  

Hi David &Cath
Count us in James & Dorian

Hiya Dave and Cath
Can you please put Karen and Dave down for your run out to see the snowdrops and the royal oak.


Hi kath,Dave

We would love to join you.


Love Carol,Terry

Hi David and Cath

We would like to join you.

Thank you
John and Maureen

Hi Dave & Kath,

We would love to join you on the run & carvery


Paul & Pam

Yes please Dave and Cath, drive and lunch for us Smile

Karen and Paul Wesson

Hi Dave & Cath,


Sorry we won’t be joining you for the drive to Hopton Hall but would love to join you all later at the Royal Oak for the carvery if that’s ok?

Please let us know approximately what time you will be there.


Thank you,


Julie & Dave



Hi David and Cath
The Peaks and Pennines Area will the visiting Hopton Hall on Sunday 9th, please let us know how you go on.
We are then booked in for a curry nr Matlock mid afternoon.
We hope you have a good run and the weather is kind to you
Best wishes
Burton and Lesley
AC’s Peaks and Pennines