Horn button pimple?

I’ve only owned my NC for ten and a bit years so apologies for this question.

Today i gave my car a quick detailing session ready for tomorrow and for the first time ever i noticed on the top half of the horn button there is what i can only describe as pimple with a square insert…what the heck is it for?

I have tried finding pictures to show in case you think i’m going mad, the pimple is in between the top arch and the wings of the Mazda badge.


Hmm, mine is all smooth and shiny, no signs of any use or wear. 

Maybe yours has been chipped by over-enthusiastic hammering?

Or maybe it’s a Braille marker, more normally found on SUV horns.

Or something else…




We are not all just partially sighted, some of us are deaf as well.

I’ll go for braille. 

Apparently 1 in 4 drivers can’t read a number plate.  Frightnin innit.


When I read this, my first thoughts were, why not squeeze the pimple and see if it pops  Then, today, I met up with Dave as we were attending a car show together in N Wales, a great day out by the way . I had an opportunity to examine said pimple and here it is!




Another thought was to smear it with Valderma but I don’t think that would work?  I too have no idea about its purpose but it is like a resin dome self adhesive thing by the look of things 

Hope it heals up on its own Dave, in due course 


I can only suggest that a previous owner pressed the horn in a place where it did not work properly and so to avoid this happening again fitted the self adhesive pimple to identify the horn sweet spot.

A longshot but perhaps try getting in touch with the previous owner to see if they know.      


Selfie camera for every time the horn is pressed, to collect lots of different Gurns… 

Just need to find where they hid the data chip that’s storing them all…


I am almost embarrassed to admit this but every question deserves a resolution, and after much pondering and looking in other peoples cars while at the North Wales show today, i’ve now realised what it is but why i put it there God only knows.

In the dim and distant past i remember having put a screen protector, (the toughened glass type) on a mobile phone which also came with a stick-on button so you could easily press the call-end call button, which caused no end of problems when the phone was in my pocket calling recently dialled numbers.

Why the heck i stuck it on my horn push i’ll never know!

So, problem solved…i know i’m an idiot and thanks for your suggestions.