Hotel Stay

Just received flyer on National Rally and wondered why there is not an option to just stay the Saturday night?

Just been on plenty from £75 inc breakfast for 2 adults within 10 miles of Ragley.Might book and drive down Saturday 212 mls & drive home Sunday night.

I am assuming a discount has been negotiated for the 2 night stay so why not 1 night. Thanks for your info.

There is a Travel Lodge almost at the gates of Ragley Hall, older basic one no restaurant. I think it’s under ‘Alcester’

Found it :[0][adults]=1&rooms[0][children]=0&gclid=Cj0KCQjwmPPYBRCgARIsALOziAPsjWT-tDTG_i13S6CVOxbDzJT_pVxkXUGzRIKhoDx7eR8wN3jYseMaAoi6EALw_wcB


We have changed how we handle Rally hotels and we are still trialling the hotel bookings through the Cub’s preferred travel operator. They should be able provide a one night package and I have asked them for some details.

We are doing this as unbooked accommodation in contract has cost the Club quite a bit over the past few years, largely as people are now fairly self sufficient in finding hotels in this internet age, working through this tour operator we are still able to offer tailored short break accommodation package for the rallies for those who would like it, the arrangement will be reviewed after this year’s rally.

Thanks Iain. As you mention as we are now no longer doing the dinner there is no real need for an arranged Hotel. I am concerned that by booking through SCT members may be paying a bit more than going direct.


Hotels bookings like insurance seem to have constantly changing prices!
Many members use and trust SCT, the plan especially for next year is to develop this members package with the operator, to include things like special offers/gifts/access so that members will gain extra benefit when staying with them
Bookings for this year are strong with the Q hotel through the Travel Club - had I picked a hotel again this would have been the ‘rally’ hotel.

There will be an anniversary dinner and package next year with the 25th celebrations, this year is very much about establishing the mechanisms and viability of SCT offering this package.