How do I access the downloads

was planning to work on my car this weekend - Mk 3 rear brakes. Where do I access the downloads please?


Should be here:

@khalid @Smiffy, what’s the target to have this section live?

Unfortunately Ian it has gone walk about.

Sorry everyone, going to hopefully get these up either tonight or tomorrow - please bear with us…

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What has happened to the PDF download file called "“How to jack and support the NC (MK3) MX-5”?

It was there a couple of weeks ago, now missing? Probably others missing too but as the original list has now gone we may never know!

Downloads are available from the front page of the website, good luck on being able to work your way through the headings though they seem to be a bit discombobulated…

I had already found the Downloads section and went through ALL the discombobulated items but the file I referred to "How to jack and support the NC (MK3) MX-5.pdf” is NOT there . It should have been transferred over. Can someone rectify this please?

@khalid @Smiffy for whoever owns the downloads section