How do i send a private message

hi cant see how to send a private message , please assist

Click on the ‘roundel’ of the person you wish to contact.


Roundel, that’s a good word not often used now, memories of Airfix kits and ‘attach the roundel’.


I tried the above method yesterday to wish Scottishfiver a happy birthday but without success

Hi all,

I cannot seem to access private messaging either. Is there any kind of verification process I need to go through before I can message members?

It could be just for members or a sign in issue.

Try now, you didn’t have enough post history to unlock the PM privilege.

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Thank you Ian, appreciate the help!

Hi, @IanH I am also having this issue. I’m trying to get ahold of this guy with regards to replacement parts for my NC.

Any chance you could help out?

Thanks, Josh.

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Hi @Josh2 ,

I have boosted your trust level, please try now.


Hi Ian,

Looks to be working now.

Thanks for sorting that :wink:

Hi Ian,

Do you still have this item or has it been sold?

Kind regards

Hello, not me selling, it was @Greengrass79 , maybe they can update?

Okay, thank you.

Kind regards


Hi all,

i am trying to send a message to someone inquiring on the sale of their mx5 but cant send PMs

Hi Ian,

I’ve recently joined the forum (with an eye to joining the owners club). I’d also like to PM someone with a view to buying something from them, but don’t seem to be allowed to PM yet. Can you help?

Many thanks,


You need to have a larger post history, or to appeal to a Forum Admin ( direct reply ) to boost your trust level.


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Trying to send private messages and experiencing the same issue. How many messages do I need to post to raise my trust level?

Post an introduction in the welcome area and let us know about your MX-5 experiences.