How do we send a private message?

As the heading. Struggling to find how to do it, I have looked high and low and have finally admitted defeat.

If you wanted to send a message to me for instance click on my forum name (on the top left) there you will see a box open up and right top the icon message, easy. :ok_hand:

So I have ostensibly sent you a message but where can I now see it?

Top right on the main page click on your round picture, you will see an envelope, double click that and you r messages will open up. When you are viewing them look to the left column and you will see message sent button etc too.

Cheers M, I have replied via the personal message but when I read this properly I now see ‘double’ is there. Gee I’m useless at this.
0 out of 10, I must pay more attention in future!!!