How do you post an image on forum using an iPad

Hi folks and you technically aware peeps how can I simple post pictures onto the forum via my iPad? I don’t use or want to use a hosting site and I don’t have a PC anymore. In an age where I can simple copy and paste from my iPad into Twitter for example how come the forum does not allow? ( I have read the FAQ section and tried it but does not work)!

Thank you 


Hi Touche

The site does not host photos at the moment so a third party host will be required. There is intention to move to a new forum platform which will host photographs but in the meantime most of us use Post Image which seems to work well or direct internet links to the images if they exist.

I started using Post Image very recently when it was recommended after Photoshop pulled the plug on free hosting. Takes moments to use once you are au fait.    


In the text panel on the top bar right in the centre is an “up arrow” icon, click on it an you get an option to add an image from device, click on choose file then photo library

then choose an image and say done.

Blimey that was easy thanks.

Sorry got to test this myself.
Wow, that was easy. Good stuff.