how do you post pictures on here with Flickr please

hi, can anyone show me /tell me how to post pictures with Flickr cannot get it to work, was on P/b But that is no good now, please be gentle with me.



done it with someone else.


Not something I’d admit in public…


oooooooh! You are awful! 

And so how do you post from FlickR I’ve just had a ball ache in other thread trying to post pics

i can’t believe forum posting of pics seems to have come nowhere in the last 10yrs 

How to get your Flickr photos on here


From the Flickr help section

  Copy the BBCode

  1. Click a photo to open it.
  2. Click the Share icon Right-pointing arrow.
  3. Click BBCode.
  4. Pick the size you want to display.
  5. Copy the code and use it on your website. (meaning paste it into the message box on this forum)


still not work for me what size image do you use,and do you put it in the picture with tree on it that says insert/edit image that is what i have tried to do.

Try this one  

Follow the instructions on the first page then on the second page choose as shown in the picture

Gone to imgur seems to work thanks for the tips