How easy to fit appearance pack to an nc1?

I have been offered first choice on an nc1 appearance pack front and rear kit with mazdaspeed skirts. How easy are these to fit? Were they blended into the body on fitting or are they a simple bolt on kit?

The parts are coming off a sunlight silver car which is the same colour as mine so hopefully no problem with colour match. The only other concern is how it will look with 16inch wheels, Mine are anthracite so they will look better than standard siver but just worried they will look small in the arches. The car has also been lowered by WIM so no worries with the 4x4 look.


You will need a load of 3m tape and a big drill.

You will also need a new set of clips for the sills

Nothing is blended in, just fastens on

You will also need the exhaust tip extension kit Mazda do as the tailpipes need to be longer