How many 5s turned up?

would be interesting to have the final tally. it looked very well attended.

Having seen most of the first lot in and then parking lots, I lost count around 500.


One of the marshalls spoke to the photographer and they had taken 7-800 pictures but they stated they had missed quite a lot. Iain had an unofficial count from Brooklands (I believe) of 1000+


I think the actual number of MX5’s on site was just short of 850 cars.

The numbers from three counts of MX-5s on the day in the museum all sit between between 849 and 879, however there were also a considerable number of cars in the overflow car parking.

The footfall on the day for the site is 2458.

With the 20th National in September looking like a big rally too I think I’ll be reserving the extra Jaguar Landrover parking too!


Would have been more if the weather forecast hadn’t been terrible.

or less if the weather forecast had been correct!.. Wink


That is not a bad turn out for a spring rally all in all.


Thats not a bad turn out for a National, that footfall exceeds Sandringham for example.



Chatting yesterday at a classic car club run to a chap who is involved with Brooklands. He told me that our Spring Rally had the second largest number of cars Brooklands have had to accommodate since it re-opened. Minis beat us, with about 1,000 cars at one of their events.


They have smaller cars, so no need for the overflow parking.

Where can the photos taken at the entry gate be found?


Please try following web-page