How much are you paying for 'unleaded' fuel

Yes! I have just filled up my MX5 for 101.9 per ltr at my local Esso station here in Bexhill, what are you paying?

I will check next time I fill it but I think it costs me about £50, I only ever put Shell V Power in though and never look at the cost as it’s no where near my previous cars and much more fun to drive. 

6 to 8 pence alitre more than that localy,a little less 10 miles away but no pattern

107.9 here in Chesterfield!

104.9 at local supermarkets. BP 108.9. All in Suffolk.

On board computer is reporting 51.2 MPG average and my calculations (via Fuelly) shows 52.3 - very happy with that.

I’m paying about 110 a litre for V-power here. The car is showing an average of about 35mpg, my right foot must be a bit too heavy

I’m paying 1.179 for premium or 1.229 for super over here in the Isle of Man. 

105.9 per litre at Tesco, Baldock, Herts today.