How much damage did I do to my engine (and related components) today?

Today I did the cambelt and crankshaft seal(s) on my '95/6 Mk1. I was also going to do the water pump but my tube of sealant had dried up.

Anyway, I attempted the hooked pull method of seal extraction. The right went okay as it was rock hard, however the left camshaft seal was so soft that without realising it the pick went through and was happily scratching away at the metal:

Is this minor enough not to be a concern? (or do I wait and see if it leaks to know).

I wasn’t entirely sure if I also did the same to the crankshaft, but I couldn’t see anything (the photos were too blurry to be of any use for showing here) so I’m hoping I didn’t.

However on the subject of the crankshaft, the only way I could get the crank pulley to move was prying it forward until I could (after a long time) pull it off by hand.

I’ve noticed that some areas of the lip of the flat section are no longer entirely flush on a flat surface, is this also “okay” or will it wobble?

Also, is it okay to have the crankshaft seal flush with the engine? I was using the JASS tool which looks on the @Mazda_mender video to push it in slightly beyond the lip, but I reached the point it didn’t seem to want to turn any further, but it isn’t recessed (or not very much if it is) in so far as I can tell. I was putting a lot of pressure on the ratchet handle (painfully so) and figured I should stop before anything bad happened.

The cam housing will be fine , the seal seals on the edges not the back wall, crank pulley will be fine, The crank seal insert tool, add a couple of washers before putting in the bolt and it should push it in further, use proper gaskets on rebuild, please do not use c*ck up sealant , if you need some tips ,PM me buddy , i would rather you get correct info than struggle, there is no need to.


Thanks for the positive reply, I presume the slightly lipped crank pulley is also okay.

Although on mx-5 parts it said Mazda recommend just a liquid sealant, I wasn’t entirely convinced by that so went with buying gaskets too.

Also the LightsUp/Down video only uses sealant for keeping the gasket in place I was just going to do that. Never thought of using LM grease to hold them, which is ironic since I’ve used it on other gaskets in the past for the exact same reason :smiley:

On an unrelated note - in the past when I replaced the cam cover gasket (aftermarket, but it’s still fine).

I followed the instructions for using the spots of engine sealant in specific places, these are completely dried up and can’t be doing anything whatsoever anymore (on the non-cover surface).

Should I refresh this dried on sealant or just scrape it off and do away with it?

Where are these instructions for using “engine sealant”, the grease does not just hold it in place , it gets absorbed by the paper gasket to make the seal when torqued down correct, causing no harm to the water ways and is easier to remove when it comes around again.
I really do not recommend c*ck up seal, I have dealt with the aftermaths from that quick fix rubbish many times, the metal gaskets are a crush/rubber seal and require nothing, the paper seals just need grease.

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I’d have likely at the time been following the Rod’s book, the gasket was done a few years ago now but is still flexible. I’ve seen it mentioned in other forums etc. though - a few spots of sealant in specific spots (near the cams etc.) to stop oil leaking from the cam cover.

(as you can see, a few spots is all I did).

In terms of the water pump, I discovered both my new gaskets were metal so following the url you’d link me to on your site where it said not to use anything, I didn’t.

I’m still admittedly fearful it all went wrong in some way, like it got bent etc. fitting it to the car - but I’m hoping for the best.

Just adding to this post since others may find it useful - as I had no washers I discovered the inner ring of the insert tool is a perfect fit to the outer flange of metal on the main crankshaft bolt, so I was able to use that as the washer to seat the seal fully in place.

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Sealant in the corners for the rocker cover is ok .