How much weight can a mk3.75 carry?

Simple question really, if I have a fully fuelled Mk3.75 with no occupants, how much additional weight can it safely carry without exceeding its maximum allowed weight?

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Hi Russ, as you’ve not stated much detail about the car i.e. manual/auto, soft/hard top 1.8/2.0 etc, I’ve made some assumptions. Found this which may or may not be of use to you.

It does reference load capacity, giving curb weight and maximum weight, also load capacity. You can search in the site for more model specific (to you) info.

Now, this was from a very quick google search. The information on that site, may or may not be accurate, that’s for you to determine. Someone else may come along with more or better information. Good luck, I hope you get the info you need. :+1:


Thanks Barrie
Its s 2.0 Sport Venture PRHT manual. However, I have also found the following thread:

*OEMs report curb weight with all fluids inclusive of full fuel tank. So no need to add fuel weight to the ~2590lb figure for a fully optioned PRHT… that’s the max, and gets lighter as you run the tank down. *
Like wooo, I also weighed my PRHT GT at a weigh scale last year and the scale weight jives with “just under 2600lb” for the car with full fuel tank.

So with this in mind, the kerb weight of the car is 1175kg (inc full fuel) and the max weight is 1375kg which leaves 200kg for occupants and luggage.

Thanks again

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Hi Russ, it’s quite interesting really. I tip the scales at 92kg, say a passenger is the same =184kg (approx) doesn’t leave a great deal for luggage etc, does it? Never really thought about it before :thinking:

That leaves 1000kg for luggage, I can’t imagine how you would fit that much in an MX5 unless it was bricks.

That agrees with my fractured memory from a few years ago. I’ve been trying to find the link, but without success. AFAIR each person was expected to be 75kg and the rest of the stuff in boot and car was 50kg.

SWMBO and I together are just under 150kg, but we’ve never managed to fit 50kg in the boot, more like 30kg even if jammed solid. I suppose a boot full of beer would approach 50kg…

Question. Is the front to back balance specified at 50:50 with that arrangement, or does the 50kg shift it further back to be more on the rear wheels?

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Just load your car with the stuff and passenger and go to a public weigh bridge. They will weigh the front axle weight, rear axle weight and gross weight. They will give you a weight ticket etc. You will then see whether you are over or under the Gross Vehicle Plated weight on your car plate. :+1:

If it’ll fit two americans, surely you’re good?

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