How To De-Orange Mk2 Indicators

Any idea’s accepted, i know the bulbs are clear and not the orange type.



Me … I used a hot air gun to warm them up and then prised apart once glue was soft

then remove two screws to remove the amber filter , re-warm and reseal (use some mastic if you wish) , then fit some silver amber bulbs

others put the unit in a warm oven for 5-10 mins to soften the glue

hope this helps

nice one thanks, wasn’t the answer i wanted tho… i din’t fancy un-bonding… ah well my only option, game on next week then, lol

well i did it and they look soooo much better, basically i a got a 3/8 extension and “slapped” theorange lens into the headlamp and then with a pair of long nose pliers, i bork the orange up and pulled it through the bulb hole, then hoovered up the remaining small pieces and put silver-tec (silver looking but flash orange) bulbs in. so much nicer now. :smiley:

Got pics?