How to ......find the Timing Mark Location--NA (MK1) NB (MK2)

I’ve got my timing strobe, digital tachometer, but can I find the timing mark? No. My crankshaft pulley has seen better days, but is still servicable, but the timing mark has long since been lost to surface rust - I’ve given it a bit of renovation, but can anyone tell me where the timing mark should be? As it can only fit on the one way due to the square cut out for the woodruff key the mark must be either in line, or a fixed angle away from that… Any clues would be much appreciated.


If you remove number 1 plug and rest a long screw driver or similar on the top of the piston you can then turn the engine over by hand (disconnect battery first to prevent engine from fireing) until the screwdriver rises to its highest point. Stop turning the engine just as the screwdriver reaches its “apex”. The timing mark or marks depending on age of your car should be somewhere close to the T or one near the T and one near the 10 marks on the timing belt cover.