How new hood drain tube without roof removal

My rubber hood drain tubes were blocked and when trying to clean out same I stupidly managed to pull the r/h/s pipe off and lost it in between inner and outer o/s/r wings. Got new rubber drain tube for same which is a different design to the original one with the flappy bit apparently higher up than I recall on the old one. The part came complete with a new drain trap/plate(the one that fits by the seatbelt tower and roof hinge fix point). The parts are therefore “handed” and different for each side of car despite actual pipes will be the same. Old tube was irretrievable between wings despite various implements and multiple hand scars . Old one was not blocking path for new item and causes no noise/damage left there. I had clear view top to bottom ( used a torch shining down to check same) so I made a decision to fit new item.

I fitted same as below :

N.B. Lowering hood slightly with window out essential for access to the job. Having the car on ramps at rear also helped.

1. Remove tube from new supplied part which has tray atached
2. Remove trim clips around top of carpet above existing plate.
3. Unscrew large black carpet holder screw and surround behind drivers seat on top shelf near seat belt turret.
4. Lift carpet around drain plate behind seat belt post for access.
5. Remove the large black plate retainer push clip at rear of plate.
6. Remove rubber grommet surrounding exit hole forward of rear wheel and on inside of inner sill wing.
7. Thread a length of weld rod from the top through the plate hole and surrounding aperture for same.
8. Pass rod out of the lower hole inside the sill and forward of rear wheel.
9. Bend rod 90 degrees at top end for appx 2inches to avoid it dropping down into recess.
10.Push/slide the new pipe upwards on the rod tube after covering top end with soapy water (imoprtant) to ease fit to nylon collar of drain plate.
11. Bend the bottom of the rod back on itself to create a 4cm hook to use rod to pull pipe upwards to drain aperture.
12. Use brute force multiple angles and patience to lift drain plate and pull pipe/tube upwards as far as possible. Then eventually get top of pipe to mount the nylon collar under the drain cover. Push/pull same as far home as possible (access is tight!) so it doesn’t slip off easily and drop into recess.
13. Once on gently lower plate and pull rod down and away from car.
14. Refitting of fasteners carpet/grommet is reverse of 1-6 above.