How to.....give your interior an upgrade NA (MK1)

Well, apologies to those who read this on the old forum, but I am really please with how my car has turned out after a big transformation, I thought I would re post it on here Cool


Well, 3 weeks after starting my little project, I have finally completed the transformation

Was a long tough, but very satisfying job, and well worth the effort.

Heres a few pics of what I have done.

Here is my eunos not long afer I bought it and given it a good clean up, pretty much standard at the time

Here is the original tan interior that I was nevery very keen on if Im honest 

This is how the car looked 3 weeks ago.

Toyed with the idea of a black and tan interior similar to this, but better than my poor photoshopping 

Came across these thanks to 5umo  :wink:  and was hooked 


So, now I new what I wanted to do, but it was a bigger job and meant I now needed to rip out the entire tan interior and replace it with black.

So, here goes…

And more

First bit of black carpet goes in 

Dash now painted black with vinyl paint, £10 a can from halfords, took 3 cans in all to do the dash and tops of doorcards.

Its getting there slowly

Much better

Well, I think so anyway 

At the same time as the interior, I wanted to change my wheels, and after much posting on here and hunting round, I found the ones I wanted 

I was going to wait until the interior was complete before I put the wheels on, but impatience got the better of me and I couldnt wait any longer to put them on  :twisted: 

So, its time to make some new door cards, again following the great tutorials I found on the forum. Not too bad a job at all this one.

Then time to strip the seats while waiting for my new leather covers and door card material to arrive. Now this was nasty. Sore hands and fingers for a few days afterwards 

Naked seats 

The seats currently have tan adjusters, so, 2 coats primer and 2 coats black should do it.

The tops of the door cards were painted with the same vinyl paint as the dash.

A bit of felt for the door card backing.


The leather has arrived, so its time to cover my first door card.
I wasnt entirely happy with this one, so I re covered it later. The passenger door turned out so much better. Practice makes perfect 

This one is better 

Looking better now

After a bit of a delay with the seat covers, thanks to Royal Mail  :evil: , the first seat cover is on 

Almost there now

The little bits go on…Matching gear and handbrake gaiters. I also followed the guide someone posted recently about padding the console lid and covered it with leather.

And finally complete apart from a good wax polish.
Extremely pleased with the results.  :smiley: Nice new windblocker too 

So, now Im totally skint, but I love it 


Since then, I have repainted the wing and nosecone myself, which was covered in another thread, so here is the latest pic Big Smile