How to jack and support mk1/2 download not working

As subject really. The link from the download section for the above article gives a file not found. This link: How to jack & support the MX-5 NA (MKI) & NB (MKII) - MX-5 Owners Club
I’m a fully paid up member and I’m logged in. The NC version downloads fine so dunno what’s up.


To be honest the functionality of the Downloads section is a bit rubbish and it regularly seems to loose the downloads. I’ll get it re-uploaded when I’m on my PC next.

Thanks Robbie.
Just out of curiosity what software does the forum use? I’m a new member so don’t want to be critical but it does seem a bit flaky.

No idea, sorry.

Yes it could do with some improvement (he said politely), @Smiffy @khalid - could we plan a revamp of that do you think?

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Think it’s run using Discourse and WordPress

Interesting, thanks.
Must admit I’ve never heard of Discourse. I was wondering if it was a DIY job but actually looks pretty well supported.

The downloads section is not the same software as the forum, which as has been highlighted is Discourse (and pretty slick).

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Hi Robbie. Any chance you could re-upload the NB jacking guide please. The NC guide is there but the link to the NB guide is still broken. Thanks.

How’s that now?

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Perfect. Thanks.