How to......remove and replace centre console surround--NA (MK1) NB (MK2)

1 Remove Gear Knob (unscrew)
2 Remove center console (5 screws two either side at the front, two in the center arm rest cubby and one under the ashtray), once the screws are removed carefully un plug ashtray light and electric window cables if you have them.
3 Unscrew screw at the bottom of the centre dash unit.
4 Remove both eye ball vents (use a screw driver or similar to lever carefully)
5 Unscrew 2 screws at the top of where the eyeball vents were.
6 The center dash unit is now free from the rest of the dash, carefully unplug the pop-up/warning flasher wires and the stereo wires (if you can remove the stereo before doing any of these steps it makes it easier).
7 Remove the pop-up/warning flasher buttons and transfer over to the new center dash.
8 Steps 6-1 in reverse.

You need to remove the window switches on an NB F/L (MK2.5). NB’s have the screw under the ashtray.