How to.....replace brake pads on Mk3 [NC]

I just changed all my pads on our MK3!!! Mazda wanted £350 plus MOT and third sevice!!!

I used green stuff pads all round from MX 5 Parts for £109. First
thing for the fronts you will need a 14mm socket and 19mm and a 4" G
clamp to push the piston back in to the caliper housing and  some
copper  slip grease and some brake cleaner spray.

The fronts are easy to do! Loosen the wheel nuts with the cars still
on the ground and with the handbrake firmpy applied. Jack up the car
and use axle stands, take the wheel off then take the master cylinder
cap off, If you start on passenger side turn to the right on full lock,
then undo  the bottom caliper bolt using the 14mm socket! You may have
to use the 19 mm spanner to stop the guide pin moving.

Once you have removed the bolt move the caliper upwards  and use
some wire to support it. Remove the pads and then place one pad against
the piston and use the G clamp to move the piston back in to the
caliper bore making sure that the piston is going in to the bore
square. Be aware that the brake fluid will rise in the master cylinder!
so use a small container for the surplus fluid.

Clean the carrier shims and then use the copper grease on the shims
where the pads locate, Green stuff pads come with the pad shims fitted.
The inboard and outboard  are the same ( no pad squealer) Refit the
pads,and then tighten the caliper guide pin bolt 23 to 35 newtons and
pump the brakes to set the pads against the disc. Use the same method
for the drivers side.

The rears are a little bit different, they have a slotted piston
face which a piston winder will be useful or a flat blade of some kind
to fit the slot to rewind the piston back in to the caliper bore.

The rear pads have a small round lug which must match up with the slot on the piston.
Again undo the two caliper bolts this time (it may be a 12mm bolt
cannot remember now)  remove the caliper and rewind the piston making
sure when you wind the piston back the slot is in the centre of the
caliper. Fit the pads, the inboard pad will have the lug which will
must match up with the slot on the face of the piston. Refit the bolts using  the same torque values.

Pump the brakes and check brake fluid level. Job done

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