How to .....Replace window winder cables

After winding both cables evenly onto the winder cable drum, the best way forward would be to re-fit the motor, then completely fit the shorter (upper) cable first…this supports the window, thus allowing the longer (lower) cable to be installed.

The most important thing to remember is to remove the white plastic cable guide from the bottom of the regulator before attaching the longer (lower) cable nipple to the regulator assy.

Once the cable nipple is ‘home’, place the cable inside the white plastic cable guide and then re-attach it to the bottom of the regulator…if there is not enough play in the cable, push in the springs at the motor end and this will give you plenty of slack.

Ensure all cables are firmly re-attached to their respective clips as they may foul the window during operation if left loose, or worse, get hooked up on the mechanism jamming the window!

I forgot to add…when disassembled, I lubed the winder drum & all window guides with polymer grease (great from a tube), also the inner cables with teflon spray.

Both of these products can be sourced from most cycle shops for around (Lithium grease approx £1 & teflon spray approx £6).