How to tell a torsen diff?

What should you look for on a torsen differential which is off the car ,how can you tell ? Is there markings or anything which confirm it? Thanks

Does this look like one ? I can’t make much sense of it :confused:

If you can’t make sense of it, why are you bothering Reg, particularly at £450 and collection?
Read the links provided properly and it makes perfect sense to me, a Torsen Type II.
You would have to ask the seller what ratio but I would think a 4.1.
Many of these were fitted to the much more common early 2001/2 SVT sport with a 3.6 ratio.

I understand how they work and understand the benefits having cars with them in the past . When it’s on the car obviously you could jack it up turn one wheel and with a limited slip they should turn the same way but just by looking at the casings I was hoping there would be something easy to tell them apart thats all.

No markings on the casing, and you can’t tell a Torsen by turning a wheel.

Torsens of a 5-speed will be 4.1 (most common) or 4.3. 6-speeds had the 3.6; one of these Torsens will be, I think, quite rare here, and probably you will need the donor car VIN to make sure you are not buying a Fuji (now GKN) diff (late NB Torsens were made by Hitachi).

Thanks saz, really to be sure I guess its best to see it on the vehicle as if your not familiar with them like me you could be sold anything.

The pictures you sent from facebook are definitely Torsen type II, not Fuji.
The Fuji diff when viewed through the driveshaft port is completely different, see links above.
The car this diff came off would likely, originally have been fitted with a Torsen II, 4.1 as originally suggested in my earlier post.

Thanks rhino that’s great I’ve looked in the two shaft holes and see they are slightly different in the pictures on the link . The diffs are inter changeable I guess? All use the same prop and shafts? Thanks again