Hows £124 sound

I’ve just re-negotiated my renewal with Admiral MultiCar at £124.
2005 2.0 NC Sport.
56 years old, no accidents or claims in a million years, 3000 miles p/a

They brought my daughters Mazda 3 down from £400 to £365, so she’s happy.

They couldn’t match LV on my daily though (Kia Sportage 2.0 GTLine) at £240.
Plus I also bought that one through quidco, where I can earn £70 cash back.

In total both my cars insured fully comp for less than £300, I’m ok with that.

I tried last year to better Admiral, yep I could but not by much. After talking with them they came down to something I was happy with. If I had gone with others (best quotes) I would have most likely saved around £20. Just not worth the hassle, I have 2 cars and home cover with them.

I think you’ve got an excellent deal for your NC, I think I can do better although it was £172 for the NC I think it’s the mods I have declared that pushing the price up. Anyways we got £50 back earlier this year from them which was welcome.

Edit… I thought it was more, I pay £478 for the 2 cars and home insurance.

Question, have you ever taken breakdown cover with Admiral and any idea how much if you were quoted?

Another happy Admiral customer.
Never made a claim, so no direct experience of how good they are when you actually need them.
However a colleague at work had to a couple of years ago and all went smoothly for him.

We have 6 cars and 4 drivers as below.
2016 Golf gti - me £193
2007 Mx5 NC with suspension mods declared - me £125
2015 Fiesta 1.0 - wife and me £ 208
2010 CMax 1.6 - all of us £388
2016 Corsa 1.4 - daughter (23) and me £ 305
2012 Corsa 1.4 Turbo - son (20) and me £ 473

£1640 in total, my son is particularly happy with his as best quotes elsewhere were over a grand and required a black box, which this doesn’t.

Initial renewal was £2k, one phone call and they review and knock money off them all which is a bit of a pain and shouldn’t be necessary, but happy to play the game once a year.

I didn’t take breakdown cover as I have a multi people plan which covers me and the wife on 3 cars.
The renewal quote on the daily was originally £289, reducing to £254 after a phone call.
However LV’s £240 and Quidco’s £70 cash back was a no brainer.

The MX5 came down about a fiver after the call which was about £15 cheaper than I’d been quoted online.

The biggest saving was actually on the daughters Mazda 3

I think I pay Green Flag £130 for personal cover for 2 of us which they assure me covers me for 3 cars and caravan recovery. That’s Caravan Club related but I assume anybody can get similar cover for a bit more.

I don’t mix it up with insurance, that changes too often.