I can feel spring coming

Just warmed up the old gal (97 NA 1.8) and moved her up and down the drive a bit to make sure the handbrake hasn’t stuck on. The condensation inside the ragtop is bad because of weather changes. After 11 years of ownership I still haven’t got round to getting a hard top even though the fixing bits are already in place.

Video link - though the sound is rubbish because I had the heater on full blast!

Yes, I know what you mean.

I was at a loose end this afternoon, and had to fill up with go-juice anyway, so as the sun was shining, decided to put the lid down and go for a little ride. Before I knew it, forty miles had passed. Big grin on my face all round though !

We are going to start seeing more and more sports cars on the road from now on, including of course plenty of 5’s
I’m usually out and about most weekends all year round, but you really notice the difference come spring , which is a good thing, I’m old school ,and usually flash or wave, often with no reply , but hey, we’re having a good time anyway, great little cars :grin:


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Blonde in a powder blue SLK (as originally wanted by SWMBO) flashed me today, we were the only two icy blue cars with lids hid under threatening skies. I was so surprised I almost forgot to flash back.

I keep my car taxed all year round.

I’m retired, so if its a decent day and the roads are dry I take the MX5 for a run.

Top down and heater on full blast on a sunny winters day takes some beating.

Its surprising how toasty you can be on a cold but sunny day with the top down and the heaters on, its only top top of my head that gets cold if I don’t wear a hat of some sort, but that,s probably because I’m a slap head.
I still haven’t decided whats the best or most effective type of hat to wear, not keen on knitted bobble hat ,or a Del boy cap, so for now its my sons baggy bobble less hat or a Camo baseball cap.
Maybe I should wear the cap back to front, but then I’ll look a bit of a pr*tt ( according to my wife ) coz I’m 61


You need an MX5 owners club baseball cap

Yep, your right , I walked into that one, I’ll look into it :blush:

Or an MX5 beanie hat from MX5 Parts which is my preferred headgear of choice

Sounds interesting, I haven’t seen those


Like this one, not cheap but I find warm for those colder drive outs

I just keep a couple of beanies in the centre cubby, as you say cold sunny day top down heater and heated seats on, can’t beat it.

I keep a MX5 beanie, baseball cap and obligatory sunglasses in my centre cubby, everything I need for topless motoring :flushed:

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You cant beat it, my neighbors think we’re mad, no matter how cold it is at the weekend or if I’m not working ,if there’s the slightest hint of sunshine, its lid hid, we’re done up like Eskimo’s and we’re off for a spin, maybe its because I’ve had motorbikes for most of my life as well as cars, its a wind in ya face thing :sunglasses:


He, and flies in your teeth :wink:
My old bones object to cold and wet motorcycling nowadays. > 10 degrees and dry roads for me now. Though I did do a run down to Limoges on the Er6n in May. 250 mile days on all D roads, mostly in the pouring rain.

I too like to take the NA out on crisp winter days with the hood down and a woolly hat on + buff neck tube. Not exactly that weather today though - what a difference to this time last year!

Nice bike, my last bike ( a few years ago now ) was also a Kawasaki, it was a VN800 custom , I finally opted for comfort rather than balls out speed, I too still have a few Buff neck warmers although the cold wind always finds the smallest of gaps ! but still ok for top down days .


Mmm appropriately me too​:+1::+1:
Should make Itchy more comfortable :ok_hand::ok_hand: