I dont want posts to have my full name on them

is there a way of changing it so im not posting with my full name, i have a rare name so it wouldnt take much for someone to track me down and nick my car or something…


Click "Edit Profile"

Select “Site options” tab

“Enable Display Name” - Yes

Select “About” tab

Change the “Name” field to your own choice.

Thank you Mr McFly

 Can still see your real name though Mr D.

Isn’t showng your real name “by hovering over the profile” against the rules of the data protection act

I think you will find it is as i have not given my express permission to share this information with the public


Hmm interesting…

Yep that needs fixing.

I would have thought so. (hoped so)

How is posting your real name on an internet forum a security issue ?

 I must be thick…




Some people just wish/prefer to remain anonymous, also when you have joint membership is shows both names. It should be a choice to show or hide you full name

As the first poster said if you give away your full name and somebody takes a liking to your car , it is feasible to find you especially if they have 2 banes to work with.

Point of principle


 No, not thick, just naive. [;)]

In this day of identity theft, car cloning etc. - Think about it.
Not to mention people finding where you live, seeing you are out at an OC meet and burgling your house.
Lone females going to OC meets/runs and arriving at a carpark.
 There are reasons why confidentiality laws exist.

You can change your display name though (my partners name is on mine as well)

How is it feasible to find you because you use your real name ?


Pay 3.99 for 5 searches and all results at 192.com and search the electorial roll , i can have you name addr in seconds

Your middle initial is S and Julie’s is A


 Your full name is still visible in the status bar, Mr Q [;)]and your partner J*** Q***
I have had this conversation with many people in the year I have used the Internet, and I teach internet security to Primary school childrne too.
I sent one OC member an aerial photograph of his red MX5 on his driveway just from knowing his full name and the area he lived in.
 Does that answer your question [;)]

Ok Fergy…point taken.


“Your full name is still visible in the status bar, Mr Q Winkand your partner J*** Q***”


 Sorry…me being thick again.Where is the status bar ?


here, at the bottom


Martin is working his socks off to fix this, It is a problem and excepted as that

Paul … You have a PM


Cheers Halli…thats the address bar to a numpty like me :slight_smile: