I’m back not a Newy

Hello everyone I’m back it’s been a while my old username gus6 couldn’t log in so started a fresh looking at buying a mk4 mx5 so hopefully will get some pics up as soon as I get one👍

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Welcome back! Good luck finding an ND. I pick my new one up this afternoon - exciting!

Do you have any ideas what you are looking for? There are some threads on here which are specific to ND’s and you should see debate about colours and RF/ST… I am sure that you will find that there are many differing views, but that is the excitement of the MX5.

Hello and welcome back! There are always some nice ND’s out there - I’d recommend the revised (184) engine if you are looking at a 2 litre :slight_smile:

Can current ND members offer an opinion on why the motoring press seem to prefer the 1.5 over the 2.0?

When the ND was first released the 1.5 was generally preferred by the motoring press. The 1st 2.0 was introduced for US market as they wouldn’t accept the 1.5 alone! - The ND1 2.0 was 158 bhp and wasn’t seen as the best match for the ND, hence the revised 184 engine which became available in the 2nd half of 2018 for the ND2. Was modified to replicate the characteristics of the 1.5, higher red line, freer revving etc. Has been said the torque was a little less to be friendlier to the gearbox!


I agree - the press seem to accept that the MX5 is not about power, so they go for the one most in line with the philosophy of the MX5 - which is purity, which I suppose the 1.5 gets closest to.

I think Ceramic has summed it up well.
The 1.5 was branded as having been developed for the ND1. In the ND2, the 2.0 has now got enough power to challenge hot hatches, and exploiting that power is just as enjoyable as trying to get the best out of the 1.5, with more instant reward. It is the engine the MX-5 needed.
You do not need 184bhp to have fun in an ND, but it surely does help.

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I have just picked up a new ND 2.0 and I would say that it goes really well - I did have a golf gti, and so was worried it would feel slow - but it goes well!!


Thanks for all the replies guys ,it will probably be the 1.5 though cheers though :+1:just reading about gearbox issues ■■■ hopefully I won’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grinning:

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Wouldn’t worry too much about the gearbox - Think it was only a problem with ND1 2 litre, and even then not common…! :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing what you get :slight_smile:

Thanks again everyone

I found this stunning mk3 so I bought this car looks stunning in the flesh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only 44,000 miles with full history

Looks pretty good in the pics too :ok_hand:

I have the same model, great colour, welcome back.:heart::+1:

Thank you :+1::+1:

What are they like for rot underneath should I get it undersealed?

Most definitely get it treated under there if it’s not been done.
Main areas sad to say are inside the rear wheel arches at the lower part and where they meet the sill. Along that sill under at the rear. If you really want to be adventurous take the plastic side sill covers off to treat behind. At the rear the boot floor either side of that heat shield can rust so too the rear chassis rails.
Apart from that general crusty stuff on and around the rear subframe. Boot lid under around the number plate lights corrode and check around the front wing side repeaters.
Sounds/looks a well looked after car on the surface, hope it’s as good under the car. They all need fettling at 14 years old now as mine is.:+1:

Very nice :sunglasses::+1:

All cleaned up