I made it onto the front cover!

Not sure if this is right thread but…

My picture made it onto the front cover of Softtop Hardtop magazine!


Congratulations :clap::clap::clap: looks like a really good picture. Did you take the original and send it to them.

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Well done, are you going to keep the magazine in the wrapping to enhance the car’s collectors value? :wink:

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Yeah, I took the picture and then posted it here and somebody suggested I send it in. Never thought it’d be on the front page though!

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It will be added to the paperwork. Thats got to add at least another £5000 to the value… right?!

Our 30 AE appeared unexpectedly on the front of the previous issue. Didn’t even realise the shot had been taken until the magazine dropped through the letterbox. Good job it was the wife in the passenger seat!


You’re welcome and well done. Glad you decided to share the image.
It’s a smashing photo :+1:

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