I need a Recon Gearbox!


I need to get a reconditioned gearbox for 2002 Mk2.5 1.8, has anyone got any recommendation’s (good or bad) for where to buy? We are in Somerset and have a local garage that can fit so as long as they can ship location not a problem, after a quick google I have come across MX5 City in Doncaster, they look to be well priced, any once got any experience with them?


Thanks in advance



Hi Matt

assuming it is a 5 speed gearbox I would advise you buy a good used unit from a reputable seller.

Because of their inherent reliability and longevity good used parts are very cheap.

I would be surprised if there is a market for reconditioned units.

These gearboxes, 5 & 6 speed, rarely give problems - what has happened to yours? 

Are you sure it is not a clutch slave cylinder problem or is the gearbox making horid noises.

Thanks for the reply’s, the gearbox is indeed making some horrible noises, the garage have had a look, not gone as far as stripping it down but have had a stethoscope on it and are 99% sure it the gearbox. it is a 5 speed box. 

Definitely source a replacement pre-owned box from a reputable supplier, rather than trying to recondition your own - once again, Autolink UK will sort you out quickly, reliably and cheaply.

The gearboxes are generally bomb-proof, so given the rate at which NAs and NBs are being broken because MOT failure, there’s a good supply of perfectly useable boxes. 
New clutch kit, spigot bearing, slave cylinder and flexi hose are no-brainers while it’s being swapped - maybe a flywheel skim as well.

HTH  Steve

I echo the reliability of the gearbox, but from the perspective of the fitting garages, they generally hate fitting used parts, because where does the fault of resulting faults lie; the gearbox supplier or the fitting garage. They’re being asked to fit something that is, as far as they are concerned, an unknown. Reconditioned gearboxes come with an insurance based warranty, that I suppose allows recompense of the garage’s labour if they have to (in the rare event) of having to swap it out. The supplier will need to make clear their guarantees, and whether that includes labour; most won’t. This is different from those fitting DIY; the only cost is your time.

The suppliers of used boxes may be able to offer a fitting service, or put you in touch with a friendly/compliant local garage.

MX5Heaven is fairly close, being located in Dorset. They are not showing on their website any stock for gearboxes, but its possible they have not updated it

They have Mk1 gearboxes though:

I live in Dorset and regularly use mx5 heaven. They give good advice, so well worth contacting.