I saw Tukker!

At last, I saw an AA van with Tukker on the side. I was speaking to the driver and he said there were only 5 such vans in the country…


The power of TV advertising, no need for the AA lettering

It shows how little TV I watch, this was news to me…
Or maybe I automatically ignore anything to do with the AA…

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I’ve seen the fake dog getting blown by a fan (is that the one) but if asked I couldn’t relate it back to seeing it in the AA advert. I tend to record stuff so I can FF the adverts when watching later. I relate yellow and black with the AA vans not a dog, a good deal of advert contain cuddly animals now trying catch our attention. :dog:

Don’t have a TV so if I saw one I’d think it was a pet grooming service van, with the contact info missing!


If you missed it here is are links to the full ad plus a ‘making of’ video:

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My wife just loves him! :heart_eyes:

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Do they have a van with Sooty on as well?

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No that’s RAC.

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