Ideal trackday set up

I’ve recently purchased a 2004 MX5 with a view to use it for trackdays and may be some sprinting. I’ve already purchased a 5race roll bar for it as my head sits proud of the windscreen line and a Sabelt race seat. I plan on changing all the bushes which have been on the car from new with a super pro kit but the thing I’m not sure about is what to do with the suspension, at the last track day at Bedford the car was great fun with it moving into slides very easily which may be of been caused by hot 15" Toyo T1R’s tryes  but think it was mainly caused by the weight transfer of the car through fast direction changes as the car rolls massively. I want to tidy up the amount of roll but I don’t want to remove the playfulness by building in to much grip/control.  I may enter it in the B2S sprinting class so I guess my options are limited.

I would like to stay away from modifying it to much as I already have a race car (which is to loud for most trackdays, drinks fuel eats expensive tyres and is pain to transport everywhere on a trailer) so the whole reason for buying the car was to have some fun without the hassle and expensive of running the race car


Any advice greatly received 

1st get rid of the seats. 2001 - 2005 had the highest seats, about 30mm higher than previous


That’s one of the first things I did, I Bought a Sabelt seat, didn’t want to ruin the leather seats by cutting out foam

Seats? I would have thought tyres, brakes, suspension in that order.
Not sure about the bushes, I wouldn’t replace them unless there was definitely play in the existing set.
I know rubber bushes deteriorate, but having just taken the front suspension off my 19 year old NB it was all tight and a sod to get off. No play.

Speak to Brian (B C Cars) in Haverhill.

He sets up several of the cars in the race series as well as being a race instructor.


Paul G