Ignition configuration for ECU

Hello guys, what ignition mode and ignition input configuration should i choose for a piggyback ecu on my miata ? (ECUMASTER DET3)





ECUMASTER have both a UK forum and a UK technical email and phone line.

Why not ask the people there!!!

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So what are your helpful remarks to the original poster Robin, bit of a dearth of help here from you.

i’ve also asked them, nobody answered.I thought that this is a car based “question”, i guess.



The CAS which acts as both cam and crank sensor on the MK1(1.6 and 1.8)  is a ‘Hall Effect’ sensor - hope this helps.

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Ok, and do you know if the CRANK senzor on NB is the same ? (Hall?)

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Rapu get off your high horse you should have said you were getting no reply from the manufacturer.

Yes this is a car forum but you have to do some research. In this case if you had advised no assistance from the manufacturer I would have explained and again you did not advise the model you have.

The other problem here is you advise you have a Miata again towards the end of the US Miata NA run the Miata also had a crank sensor.

Therefore is your car a Miata with a crank sensor late NA or NB or a an NA with just the cam sensor. Or is it a UK sourced car and if that is the case is it an NA or an NB

He just wants advice - please help. A bad day in Scotland - must be the weather.

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If the guy will not be upfront when he asks for advice and then get’s on his high horse after I advise him where there is help available from the manufacturer, he has an issue.

If you cannot help here technically, just butt out.

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Andrew let us do a deal here, when you have got 200 thanks on the forum for helping others, feel free to disagree with me.

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Currently there are few on this forum with a depth of experience that may lead to the information you seek, the ones that did know are long gone. I looked at your post early on, and shrugged - no idea what you were talking about.

If the ECU ‘piggyback’ manufacturer has no answer, then why expect anyone here to be able to help? Very few here have a highly modified car. Try www.miata.net. - But don’t expect an answer there either, nit being negative, but your power of description leads to further questions. Presumably you have either a turbo or S/C fitted, and that info is relevant to your description. We now know the car is an NB, early NB, or NBFL? There is a difference.

Eddie may seem ‘abrupt’ - rude even to some, but he states the obvious, " A Spade isn’t a shovel" point of view. I generally agree with him, as some posts on here are not just vague, but also stupid in some cases.
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I don’t have your technical knowledge but there is no need to be rude if an OP misses some information - just give them a prompt that’s all.

I do only have 137 posts but to put the record straight I was thanked 39 times in 34 posts - clean your glasses.

Firstly, I appologixe for not providing enough informations about my car. It is a very early 98 NB MAZDA MX-5 MIATA.

I also asked on miata.net but the guys over there sent me here (becouse ecu was uk support) and i came here to find answers for the following question: what ignition type does miata have and what type (teeth numbers / pattern) 

I found out that the sensor type is HALL-EFFECT sensor and all miata NA/NB has the same. (And i guess same crank output type / signaling).

Thanks for your time, i will return with the answer.



Namewise, let’s put the reference in it’s place. Miata is the name the Yanks requested for their specific cars, actually, the car has always been a Mazda MX5 Miata - for the states only. Here in the UK, and Europe it’s just an MX5, so adding Maiata to the name just confuses everyone. (there are a couple of ex American Miatas here). - imported when -  I assume, we didn’t have one yet. - Released in America in 1989, here not till 1990 to 1991…(Small number in both years.) Sales rapidly increased, so did imports. According to one of our contributors, America is now receiving cars labelled MX5 - not Miata, so the name is now world wide as far as I’m aware.


You may get more info here - https://www.mx5nutz.com/



I’m sorry to say that I don’t know the answer but would certainly have offered advice if I had done. I’m appalled at the reaction of some members of this forum and sorry that your honest question got such a hostile reaction from others who obviously have no more to offer than I do.

This forum should be a good example of how club members can help each other out. Unfortunately, there are a few contributors who don’t think about the potential damage they do to the good name of the club.

Here here Paul W - you can see the reaction I got when I put a challenge in.

The OP only joined the forum this month and his post seems to be his first. Whilst I respect more seasoned members of the forum and their advice we need to encourage new enthusiasts to join us and not complain just because they miss some key points. Fortunately most members are helpful as you say.

Thank you for the support.

I will stick to the forum thread.

So the ignition output of the miata if 4 pulses. So per 2 cranks rotations (720 degrees) there are 4 pulses sent by the Crank sensor.

The sensor it Hall effect (type) sensor, so it needs a pullup rezistor (2k, 12v for the ones who care) to know the state of the Crank sensor, and the output is 4 per 720 degrees.

Cheers, topic closed.