I'm a joint member of the MX-5 Owners Club and would like full access to forum.

Joint Club member login.

If you have a joint Club membership and both of you are regular forum users and you wish to enable full access to the forum for the second named member then please follow these instructions;

The first named forum account should be activated and in use as a Club member account.

The second named member should open a forum only member account using the “join the forum now” link on the main account login page here;


Once the account is set up you need to notify forum admin for the account upgrade.

Send an email to webadmin at mx5oc.co.uk.  The subject line of the email must be;

“forum account upgrade”

In the email please state the following;
Club membership number,
Members names as shown on membership card,
Expiry date shown on membership card,
Identity of original forum account for first member,
Identity of second named member’s forum account.