I'm back and I may need some help!

Hey everyone,
So, it’s been somewhere in the region of 4 years since I sold my Silver MX5 MK1 (1.6 Eunos).

Since then I’ve enjoyed owning a wonderful Porsche Cayman S, but it’s time to sell it and I have a nagging feeling.

Once thing I always wanted to do with my MX5’s was turbo charge but I never got around to it.  I’d like it to be a MK1, and I wonder, should I try to find one already done or should I buy one that is stock and buy a kit?

I can’t answer your question about turbos, but have you considered the V6 Rocketeer kit, if you are after more power?


There is a thread on here somewhere with people who have taken the plunge and also videos on YouTube.


If we hadn’t just picked one up I would have snapped this one up:



 … then added a turbo?