I'm going!!!!!!!!!!!

After all the current engine problems and expense and time away from the family I had decided not to go the the rally, but Mrs -halli- said today I should definitely go as I’d been looking forward to it for so long.


So, I’ll see you all there tomorrow :)

(if the car makes it!)

 It was nice to see you there Halli, glad you and the car made it!

 Saw the car had got there so you must have been about too - horse and rider as one :wink:

 good to see you there…


I will be at the next one



Great to be there and see everyone. I’m going to wear a hat with my name on or something at the next one I attend as I’m sure there were more people who would have liked to say hello.


Only 2 litres of oil burned there and back today!


 Even our RX-8 burnt less oil than that !!!