Immobiliser Blues

Hi all. From a very new inexperienced member. In February I bought a lovely Mazda Eunos (1991). I’m very happy with it apart from the immobiliser that was fitted in 2003. I understand that the warranty only lasts with the owner of the time and, frankly, I want to get rid of it. The fob that sits with the keys is now rattling! My local garage are not keen to attempt to remove it! I live near Exeter- does anyone know of any specialist MX5 garages that would help. Many thanks

Yes i could but i am in the Glen of Wiganshire, long drive , sorry bud.

No worries-thanks for replying

How handy are you, for me to talk you through it bud.

Well……,thanks but I have zero knowledge of this kind of stuff so the garage is my go-to but thanks anyway

Give Brooklands Garage a bell, Phil’s a lovely chap and might be able to help. It’s a long(ish) drive to Truro but you can always wait for the sun and put a couple of scenic detours in along the way.

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Thank you very much for that. My local garage was very reluctant to try so I’m guessing it’s a pain to do! I will give him a call.

You might want to give MX5BITZ ( 01548 581155 ) a ring as he’s near Kingsbridge so not too far from Exeter. He’s on this forum as Rhino666 and knows a lot about immobilisers, though I guess yours will be an aftermarket unit and not a factory fitted device.

Thanks very much. Appreciate it

She needs someone who knows these Roadsters that is good at Auto sparking as it needs removing and taking back to factory OE again, i am just to far to help in this case.