*IMPORTANT* - Fishers Hotel - Parking Info.

Note for all Members staying at the Fishers Hotel.

The car park at the Fishers Hotel is going to be under quite a bit of pressure with the volume of guests bringing cars (this is not a surprise - the level of guests booked into the Dinner venue hotel is much higher than any of our previous events)! It is likely that given the majority of the hotel is booked out by Club Members that we will exceed the numebr of spaces available as it is presently marked.

As such we have arranged to block off over 50% of the car park for MX-5 only parking - this will be towards the rear of the carpark when approached and likely to be coned / roped off.
However in this area we will be re-arranging the parking - ignoring the painted markings on the ground - as to be able to fit more cars in for the Saturday night.

If you are traveling in groups there will be a section for bumper to bumper parking to be able to help further maximise the space. 

There will be a sign up to try to highlight the parking as best a spossibel - and your assistance is kindly requested.

Should we overflow there is plenty of additional parking in the town, just be mindful of signage and road markings, as ever.

If you are staying in other accommodation nearby it may be prudent to recommend walking to the hotel, Pitlochry is not that big so that should not present too many problems.