In need of recommendations for a new roof/hood

We’re based in Bournemouth and our Mk 2 is in need of a new roof.  Do any Wessex members have recommendation for places to go (or avoid) in our area (or not too far away).  We’re planning to upgrade from our original vinyl roof to mohair.

Ann ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.



Ed & Karen

98S Mk2 1.8iS Red

OC 0643

If you can wait until the spring rally (and assuming you will be going) Mazmania will most likely be there and they do probably the best replacement mohair hoods. If I recall, they charge about £400 and do it while you wait (about 1.5-2 hours). Had my Mk2 done at the national rally a couple of years ago and couldn’t have been more satisfied.

I used Mazmania , went over to his place had time i Knutsford [lunch and shopping ] great service and lovely product , highly reccomended

For the uninitiated (me included), what is the difference between a vinyl roof and a mohair one, which lasts longer, and which is the easiest to look after please ?s

In one forum thread a few days ago, it was suggested that roofs should be treated every six months - is that the same with both kinds ?

This question I suppose is largely academic, because I have a PRHT (for which I’m taking tablets ), but I would like to know the answers to these queries for future reference.

Thanks in anticipation,

Chris Phillips.

MX5 Parts are about an hour away from you (in Portsmouth) and they do free fitting.  Might be worth looking at?

I agree, worth talking to MX5Parts or Autolink who are not far from you either.


Have you looked at K.Baggs in Poole? Did my mohair roof on my previous mk2.5. Excellent job done