Indiana goes to Dundee - New Owner

Hello, all.

I’ve been around for a bit, but now I can make my introduction the right way.

I now own an NB Indiana, which used to belong to Tony, another club member.

I’m located in Dundee and the first thing I changed on the car is to get a hardtop for it from a guy on a farm. :slight_smile:

It also has a Japspeed style bar which is currently undergoing changes because it doesn’t fit with the hardtop on.

It’s in great shape with barely a spot of rust anywhere but the sills and it’s on < 60k miles.

Couldn’t be happier with it! Gets plenty of compliments. Car’s been at a previous world record attempt and has been in STHT and one of the club calendars before.

(Bins for ambiance.)


A very attractive car and sounds like you already know how much fun it’ll bring. Very welcome to the club!

Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Is a lovely example and I can tell by your enthusiasm you enjoy ownership already…! :slight_smile: Long may the passion a fun continue as, hopefully, some better warmer weather comes…! :slight_smile:

Nice bins :joy: :joy: :joy:


You took a foto of your car with bins in it…wheely?

(nice car)

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Very nice! Love the colour; I used to have a dark purple VW Corrado, but I really wanted one with Blackberry paint, which is a similar colour to to your MX-5. Enjoy!

Welcome from just a few miles down the way!
Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous Five on the road sometime :grin:

Hope you don’t mind me fiddling with your photo.
Couple of things got on my wick! :joy:

No amount of cropping and exposure adjustments are gonna fix a blue man and some bins!

It’s a nice contrast of colour, though.

I’ll go take some decent photos when it stops trying to drown us up here…it’s been over a month of basically constantly poo weather. It rained for 28 hours straight right after I put the hardtop on as if to make me feel good about my purchase.

Think this car wants some matte bronze wheels in 15x8/ET28 wrapped in 205/55.


That colour is very similar to my car’s…

Nice car and a lovely colour. Now its stopped raining I might see you out and about. I’m just outside Dunkeld in Snaigow/ See you in the sunshine.