Induction kit for MK1 1.8

How do chaps? 

Im looking for a decent induction kit for my MK1 1.8 and im coming up with a bit of a problem. There are very few on eBay for the MK1 1.8 but there are loads for the MK2. Im just wondering if the MK2 one would fit my car? Surely its not that different? I thought it might be the company playing it safe saying it only fits the MK2?


Thats the one I was looking at. Are the breather pipes in a different place on the MK2? Or is it all relatively similar? 


Cheers and I hope all is well.



Mixed experiences with these things around a few forums in the past.

Basically, and I found it so, they tend to suck in hot air from the heatshield and can lose mid range torque.

Uncle Mazda put the intake, as you will notice, as far away form the heat source as possible for good reason.

They look & sound great but you need to be caning it to get “the experience” Smile

You will get as much audible fun from fitting a K&N pad in the standard airbox and drilling holes in the appropriate place…clearly the area between the pad and the OEM induction system.

As usual, opinions differ.




Look out for a Jackson Racing Cold Air Induction kit, they take cold air right from the front above the radiator… May even still be available new, but usually a few second hand knocking about… 

Martin has a very good point Mikey. On the other hand, a used airbox is around 10/20 quid.

I have a 1.8 Mk1.  I have tried the following airbox mods:


Swiss cheese (drilled box)

Swiss cheese with PiperX filter panel

Open K&N cone with cold air feeds and heat shield

All basically rubbish.

Current setup: closed air cone with massive air feed going out to a vented pop-up cover.  All joins/links heat-wrapped in pristine EBay aluminium heat and light-reflective tape.

Result: loud.  Loads of geniune cold air.  With 14 degrees timing mod - really very good.

Do it!

Worth a read…


Correct: OEM/standard is best - by definition.  The best balance is therefore between induction rort and actual power gains/throttle response.  My chav-tastic set-up is the best combo I have found, short of shelling out the big bucks on Jap parts and Racing Beat intakes.


Pretty much agree with this. Sometimes OEM with a wee bit fettling is the best route.

May I ask how the modified intake deals with rain etc? I’ve often been tempted with exactly what you have achieved but withe the weather in Scotland. I’m wary of ingesting rain & muck.

Interesting thread. I’ve always looked at the typhoon admiringly. The only thing that stopped me wanting to part with cash was the potential downside of increased insurance premiums. Now watched the link from MM. Wouldn’t have one now if they were giving them away.


Hi buddy.  Well - it’s funny you should mention rain, as I, too, worried about water coming into my tubes (!).

As I have an open headlamp cover and the intake feed is right behind it, I thought rain might get into the air cone…or even the engine.

Well - East Kent has been very wet in recent days and…so far…nothing.  My air feed’s ducting is angled down from the pop-up towards the rear of the engine bay - but then UP to access the enclosed air cone.  This means the some water does get in, but it just ‘sits’ in, and evaporates from, the ducting.  So - great in the wet so long as you angle your tubes correctly…lol. Cool



I’ve had a typhoon on my Mk1 for nearly 10 years, no water in it.

As to the std system being the best, no it’s not. It suffers very badly from Heat soak whwn yhe car is stationary and inlet temperature can rocket.






How did you get round the iacv?

The search works then! :smile:

The pipe in the middle at the back is the pipe to the ICV . It is fitted to where the temp sensor would go on a MK2. IIRC (it’s a long time ago) I had to fit a small piece of pipe into the fitment.

Was going to try that. Just need to get a big enough hose to fit. Getting 25mm hose to clamp on there. Nice to know someone else has tried this already.