Induction kit

After fitting my expensive ITG induction kit a good few years ago  and being convinced it had improved the performance of my MX5 until last week, the engine was ticking over like it was going to stall. It did stall on a few occasions when you least expect or want it to. It was time to dig the OEM system i had stored carefully in my shed and refit it. Ordered a new Mazda air filter from MX5 Parts and hey presto she runs like a dream. Given all the gunge i found in the air intake and MAF body i treated it to a good dose of cleaner.

Just been for a good run and TBH i am thinking why did i waste over £300 all those years ago !!! Glad to have the old feel back…ITG going on eBay ASAP

I’m sticking with stock. From what I gather if there is a small power increase it’s only at peak power and the rest of the rev range can actually have less power than stock.

Apart from induction howl I don’t think it’s worthwhile. 


Complete waste of money in my opinion. All that gunge is because the induction kit has sucked in all manner of crud and the filters aren’t good enough. I would guess if you were keeping the kit fitted it would need cleaning out fairly regularly plus, as Bainbridge said, apart from induction howl the performance improvement is negligible. Get yourself a nice exhaust if you still want a bit of growl.