Infotainment & electronics firmware version?

Hi Guys,

Is there an official way to maintain the ND2’s Infotainment & electronics software in the latest version? By “official” I mean everyone interested should have means to access the firmware for his particular Miata on-line at Mazda webpages, download it and update their car using a tool available somewhere in the central monitor menu…

If it’s not supported - do you guys still know and could share some resources and know-how on how to do it? TIA


AFAIK you can’t officially update the firmware, however there are updates hosted on various sites.
As you have an ND2 you have the latest firmware with Apple car play and Android auto.
A Mazda dealer could check and apply firmware updates at service time.

You can download the sat nav updates and install them on the SD card for free for 3 years

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Not necessarily true. My ND2 was registered in Apr 2019 and had v59.xx.xx. I had to install v70.xx.xx prior to fitting the CarPlay parts.

OP: the required files and instructions are available Here

Mazda don’t appear to officially release the firmware updates or instructions to the public. It’s a fairly simple procedure and I’ve upgraded both my MX5 and my OH’s 6 twice now without issue.

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